Can You Guess Who I Am???

For one of my Writing Bank Assignments I chose a four and a half star assignment entitled, “Monologue Of A Household Tool.” At first I thought it would be a breeze, but quickly realized its harder to bring a household item to life.

I wanted to keep it lighthearted and have the object pertain to our theme. I finally found a good fit with the object I choose. Hint: It’s identifiably ’80s!

I really wanted to incapsulate the popularity of the item, while not making it 100% blatantly obvious….which I may have done despite my best efforts. I also wanted to capture the differences between generations and how people my age might not be as quick to identify with objects of the 80’s.

I hope I did the assignment and object justice, enjoy!


Back in the good ‘ole days people really knew how to push my buttons! But hey at least I was popular. While I was made for everyone, I resonated mainly with the younger crowd. I went everywhere with people – the store, their morning commute, around the house, during their workouts. That was my thing….my person and I….we were inseparable. Connected at the hip one might say!

I learned a lot back then, heard a lot too. Some of my favorite individuals/groups were Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Wham!, Simple Minds, Tina Turner, U2, Journey, Toto, and so many more. I was the life of one’s personal party. I was music to their ears! I motivated people to get up and get movin’ and groovin’! I could bring the hard hitting news or pump up the jams. What a time to be alive.

Unfortunately, today in my old age I’m not as well received. I heard my friend the fanny pack is making a come back…. I happy for him. Today kids don’t know how I work, which sometimes makes me sad. But at least I know my successors allow my legacy to live on!



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