Daily Creates Connection

This week our Daily Creates had a bit of an extra challenge attached to it – we needed to create a connection between all three – perhaps a story. My first daily create was Wednesday, which has us create a Holi inspired art design using a Google Easter egg (it is actually a fun little tool). I played around with a few designs before settling for a simple, random splatter.

My second Daily Create was Thursday where we had to create a work of public art. I made it a little difficult on myself as I really wanted to use the work from Wednesday’s Daily Create. I used Photoshop’s “Resize/Reshape” tool to change out a few of the billboards pictured in an old photo I had from a visit to NYC. It’s not quite the traditional public art, but it’s something I created on my own.

Lastly, I did today’s Daily Create – a representation of Happiness Day (March 20th). It happens to be my little sister’s birthday and I was able to capture the lighting of her birthday candles.

To tie it to a story I created a GIF using the last two photos that I am calling “A Birthday Wish”



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