Final Project!! (Week Fourteen)

It has been a week! I just when I though my weeks couldn’t get any busier, the final week of classes hit!! Most of my classes had project based finals that were due this week so the good news is I am almost done with classes, bad news is this week was stacked to the brim. Nonetheless I can’t believe my undergrad years are drawing to a close ( 😢).

As promised, for my final project I created a video about the U.S. response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s and our current COVID-19 pandemic. I actually had a lot of fun creating this and learned some new things. One unexpected challenge I ran into was actually finding clear-cut background information information on COVID-19. Part of this was due to the fact that it is currently such a predominant issues any search will immediately be cluttered with the latest information. I had to start being strategic with my searches to narrow it down to just the information I wanted to utilize from my project. Having straight forward information on AIDS was relatively easy. I learned a lot more that I thought I would throughout my research.

As dug through my research I constructed a script that I would later record in iPhone Voicememos, upload to GarageBand, and edit. As always, I headed to for added sounds effects (the sounds I used are linked belo) As I did this I also picked up on a presentational style critiques I wold give myself, such as awkward inflections, disconnected pauses, and the dreaded spoken typo (it should be 182 thousand deaths, not 182). Interestingly, in the last few weeks I realized my hatred for audio editing has subsided. I actually don’t mind editing, albeit I have A LOT still to learn!

During my research I picked up on subtle similarities between the response for COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS and narrowed it down to the three I felt were most prevalent throughout my research: the criticism of government, discrimination, and dominance of media.

After gathering all the spoken information and piecing together the audio, next came the fun and most challenging portion – the visual side. I stuck to the poster I created last week for the intro and outro as elements of photography and design. I uploaded my audio file into iMovie and began my video editing and mash up process. This took my quite a while and there are some elements I would change looking back, like perhaps the inclusion of my video clips. I edited transitions and created an AIDS supercut (well really semi-supercut) to go with my previously made COVID/hand washing one. This was used as my intro to the intro – setting the stage. After I decided to do a deep dive into each virus to present information as to why these particular viruses are so important, before moving on to their similarities.

A lot went into creating this video. There are certain places if I were to go back I would do a little differently, but overall I believe this presents a well summarized overview of two health crises that have shaped America.

I’m sad my our DS106 semester is drawing to a close, mainly because this has been a fun course that was a much needed break from the traditional coursework and it was fun to see what everyone else created each week. Thank you to my fellow DS106 classmates and Professor Bond!!

I will miss seeing everyone’s amazing creations, so I wanted to share some fun final projects I came across this week while completing my own project:


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