Laugh Track Beetlejuice!

For my last regular mashup assignment of the week I decided to tackle the Inappropriate Laughter assignment. For this assignment I relied heavily on iMovie,, and Movie Clips.

First, I had to choose a movie clip. I went with Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, a film first released in 1988. It’s not really a horror movie, but more on the creepy comical side (my favorite scene is the Day-o dinner scene).

After choosing the clip, I went to to find laughing sounds. I realized listening to different laughs over and over can get a little annoying after a while 😂. I also added an “uh-oh” sound in clip.

After gathering all the materials I embedded everything into iMovie to put it all together. I had to adjust some of the noise levels on the audio clips, as I didn’t want the laughter to overpower the actual dialogue.

Lastly, I uploaded the finished product to Vimeo.


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