Minimal Movie Poster

For my third Design Assignment Bank Project of the week I decided to complete the Minimalist Movie/TV Poster project, as suggested to us.

I wanted to keep to the 80’s theme, but try to chose a movie I haven’t featured yet. So, I selected E.T. which was released in 1982. Not going to lie I’ve watched this movie numerous time growing up, but when I was a little kid this movie was not my favorite. Freaked me out a lot little.

Anyways, I when was looking up ideas for E.T. I was reminded how simple the movie poster designs were to begin with. This created a little bit of a challenge, but I decided to stick with it and focus on the two main symbols from the movie: E.T.’s finger and the image of Elliot and him on the bike. I sided with the bike and the logo.

Shoutout to Rachel for the recommendation to use Canva. I actually never heard of the sight before. I read her blog post and Allison’s comment and decided to give it a shot. (Check out Rachel’s post here). Canva is easy to use and have a lot of fun designs featured on the sight. I used their website for the background. I imported the logo and bike image which were isolated and made white using Photoshop.


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