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I’m still working on brainstorming a few other ideas, but one of the first ideas that popped in my mind was doing something with a comparison of the current state of affairs today (with the Coronavirus (COVID-19)) and the 1980’s. You could do this in a few ways:

  1. Compare how the U.S. handled crisis in the ’80’s vs. now
  2. The threats of the ’80s vs. today
  3. What would the response to COVID-19 look like in the ’80s vs. what we are currently seeing?

Another interesting topic that could be explored is politics during the 1980’s. A few ways this could be done:

  1. How did politics influence pop culture in the 1980’s and vise versa?
  2. How has public office changed from the 1980’s to today?
  3. Deep Dive into American elections in the 1980’s as compared to out current 2020 election cycle.
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