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This week’s radio shows were great and I has a lot of fun tuning in. Since I ended up listening to everyone’s show, I figured I place my overall comments here. Everyone did a great job and it sounded like we all had a little fun in creating each of our shows. Lots of creative ideas and great analysis by everyone!! 😊

80s radio GIF by Michael Shillingburg

The Breakfast Club:

First off, loved their poster/promo cover! The opening to the show was a creative way to introduce the topic and overarching concept to the show as a whole (i.e. interviews with individuals one what the 80’s meant to them). At some points there was some static during the talking, but the audio quality is super clear and was one of the first things I noticed about their show. Overall, the transitions are very smooth. The conversational portion, like many people pointed out who were also listening, made you feel like you were in the room and was engaging.

Through Space and Time:

Love the inclusion of sound effects at the beginning (like the clapping at the opening). This is a neat concept. The sound quality could be a little better, a few moments where the sound get loud for certain sounds (speaking, picks up breathing). I’m not a huge Si-Fi (I must admit, I do love Stranger Things), but I really enjoyed listening to this show because I was introduced to new movies, books, and songs I have never seen/heard of before. I like how they worked to incorporate multiple medias (movie, books, song, and TV) with analysis over time. Loved the commercial and bumpers used in this show. I like the blend of music in the background.

The Scrunchies:

First, I love the name! Creative way of signaling the connection to the 80’s and the topic. At some parts of the show were a little harder to hear than others, but the overall flow of the show is conversation and fits well together. I like how they separate their topics with bumpers/commercials. They cover a large spectrum of beauty topics in their show which was cool. The conversation on body image was particularly interesting to me. It was a topic I wasn’t expecting. The analysis that went into this show was done well!

Voices of Gen X:

Loved that this group interviewed people who lived through the 80’s and were involved in different aspects of life (military personnel, someone who was a teenager US at the time, and Professor Bond who was a college student in the US). They also covered some aspects of the 80’s that we haven’t touched on yet which was cool. Everyone they interview had a different experience. I like the conversational aspect of show, it flows really well between the interviewer and the interviewees. I like the background music, bumpers, and commercials that were incorporated.

Around the World: 80’s Style (My group’s show):

There being a little technical difficutly in getting the show on the air made our group laugh, as even in the final stages technology was not have been our friend. 😂 We had quite a few (to say the least) technical difficulties while in the production phase, but in the end I’m proud of show’s final product. Everyone in our group did a great job! I’m still mad I didn’t fade out my audio clips and wish I eliminated some of the awkward pauses I had in my portion.

What’s Their Damage (80’s Crime):

I was really looking forward to this show, because I find their topic interesting. There were a few weird cut off points, but I really enjoyed the inclusion of interview clips with the individuals the group was covering. You get to hear the people themselves and have a first person perspective. I liked the inclusion of the Law & Order sound bite, very fitting. There show was filled with a lot of information. I learned a lot from their show, even with some of the more popular criminals like Dahmer.

Social Media: An 80’s Rewrite:

This is a very creative topic. I loved their introduction, very engaging. Having Lewis as a host is a neat way to create continuity throughout the show. The sound effects were phenomenal and yet another way the group keeps listeners engaged! The group offers a lot of analysis that blends our current time with the 80’s. It analyzes major events that occurred in the 80’s while implicitly offering commentary on how pop culture has shifted since the 80’s with the evolution of social media.

Live tweet-along comments can be located here.


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