Remix One:

The first remix I decided to do was from my Wacky Poster assignment from week four. Inspired by some of the radio show this week, I decided to mix and match my wacky 80’s movie poster with the modern Stranger Things poster (a show based in the 80’s from present day).

The task was a little more of an undertaking than what I initially thought, as I needed to find a poster that would act as a background. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a poster with no one in the foreground. I used Photoshop and the clone tool to eliminate the characters and create a blank slate. It’s by no means perfect, but it was well enough for my purpose. Here is the before and after:

After I cleared out the background it was smooth sailing. I used the same technique when creating the original poster. I eliminated the When Harry Met Sally poster background using the “Select” tool, layers, and the masking tool in Photoshop. I wish I had been able to blend Harry and Sally’s images better. I should have increased the contrast or brightness to try to match it with the darkness and vibrancy of the Stranger Things Poster. Here is the before and after:

Remix Two:

For my second remix this week I decided to revisit my Word Cloud from week six. While not too long ago, a lot has happened in the time since. I felt with all that was going on it might be a good time to give the bubble an update. I again used Word Art to complete this assignment. This time around I spent more time adjusting the font sizes of important works, spent more time with colors, and playing with the fonts. Here are the results:


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