Week Five!!

I can’t believe we have just completed the fifth week of classes already! We have almost completed 1/3 of the semester – that’s crazy!

This week was audio week. At first I didn’t know where to start. I am not super familiar with audio editing software. I took an elective in middle school (!!!) as apart of a music technology class where we used Garage Band. My teacher was an app developer for Apple and was very knowledge about Garage Band and had learned a lot, but haven’t used it since. After taking a little bit to relearn some of the basics I felt much more confident in completing the tasks at hand. This was also my first real time uploading to Sound Cloud, but I found it to be very user friendly and not difficult to use.

But first up…. Daily Creates:

Now on to the bulk of the week… Audio!

I enjoyed listening to “Moon Graffiti” I never knew there was a second speech prepared for Nixon. It made me think about the Moon Landing in a new way.
After listening to other people’s bumpers mine is SUPER unimpressive. I may have to go back in and add something to it.
This was a fun way to interact!

Audio Bank Assignments:

This was my most time consuming assignment of the week. It took longer than I expected, but was a creative assignment.
I combined my second and third Audio Bank assignments into one post, because I felt they were a good contrast to have together. One was to create an audio file that was relaxing and the other was to create one that combined your least favorite sounds.
This assignment allowed me to relearn Garage Band and learn how to use FreeSound to collect audio clips to use.

Radio Ideas

Check out some cool other posts I can across this week!

See you all next week! 🙂 #ds106

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