Week Nine

It’s been a week! This week we switched to full online instruction. It is still weird to think that the remainder of the semester is now completely online. While I am a little sad, I know this is the the betterment and health of our UMW Community and beyond.

Radio Show Review:

As far as DS106 is concerned, despite all the other craziness, it was a fun week! It was a lighter week work wise, but the major thing this week was listening to our radio shows. This was a lot fun. I was able to tune in every night and hear every groups show. Everyone did such a great job – super creative topics and lots of great analysis. A little more insight into what I thought about each show can be found here:


In addition to listening to radio shows, I also did a little review of past assignments and reworked two of them (the Wacky Poster and Word Cloud). This was actually more fun than I thought it would be. This assignment gave me the opportunity to look back at how much I’ve learned over the course of this semester so far. My purpose in revisiting past assignments was to 1. Movie Poster: blend the old with the new and add an element of 80’s as imagined in the 21st Century with the inclusion of Stranger Things. 2. Word Cloud: A lot has happened in the past month, so I felt it was only fair to update a word cloud to be more accurate for the reality of the semester now. Being able to revisit old assignments also allowed me to refresh on some of my Photoshop skills – which I enjoyed.

Project Ideas:

I started brainstorming some ideas for projects as we move forward in the class. Almost immediately after Professor Bond said we may consider using our platform as an outlet to address some of events occurring around us today, I thought about how our current predicament might connect to the 1980’s. I’m still working on ideas, but this could be an interesting way to analyze the 80’s in a different lens than what we have been.

Daily Creates:

After looking at other people’s Daily Creates, my post is totally underwhelming!! I should really go back and create more of a story!

Lastly, I checked out what some of my classmates have been up to this week:


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