Week Two!

It’s been fun week learning the way around DS 106 . I am still getting used to the format of the class, figuring out where to find different assignments. I have learned that the DS 106 community is far and wide and there are a variety of different activities DS 106 students can take part in. Here are some cool assignments I found in the Assignment Bank:

I partook in three Daily Creates which I actually enjoyed more than I thought I would. They are fun mini assignments that take no time to complete! Here are my thoughts on the Daily Creates:

I have enjoyed viewing my classmates’ work. There are a lot of fun blog set ups and projects that have already been created! I need to play around in WordPress to improve the look of my blog. After viewing some of my classmate’s blogs I noticed there are many features WordPress has that can enhance the overall appearance of a blog. This is something I want to explore in the coming weeks.

Here are some projects completed by my classmates that I stumbled upon this week:

I can’t wait to see what week three has in store. I have learned I have a lot of learning to do for this class, but I am excited to keep exploring! In addition to continuing to customize my website, next week I want to get better about posting on my other social media accounts for the class.


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