Word Cloud

For my second Assignment Bank project, I chose DS106 Word Cloud. This assignment asks creators to create a word cloud design that encapsulates what we’ve learned in DS106. I used WordArt to complete the design.

The assignment is ideally done during the conclusion of the course, but I figured now could be a good time given we are on the slow roll to the halfway point of the semester (what?!?). I enjoyed getting a chance to look back on what I’ve learned so far in this course.

We’ve learned about writing, photography, audio, and design techniques to tell stories. I’ve used Twitter and SoundCloud more than I ever have before. I’ve come to enjoy Daily Creates, and viewing other people’s creations. I have used Photoshop more and more – learning all kinds of fun and simple ways to create and manipulate images. I reacquainted myself with GarageBand and conducted a PhotoBlitz, and now a DesignBlitz.

I’ve also learned a fair amount about the 1980’s. It has been fun researhing popular travel destinations, movies, art, photography, tv shows, and clothes from the 80’s. I have liked watching my classmates take on the theme as well!

Overall, it has been an exciting few weeks! I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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